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How to creat a customized Tin Packaging Box
Source: Golden Tin Co.,Ltd are a Metal tin Packaging manufacturer and supplier of wholesale metal packaging, offering a wide range of Customized Tin Boxes and bespoke tin boxes from China   Time: 2015-05-12   Hit: 1650

Creat an Special and suitable Tin Packaging Box for your products with brands .

First , what kind of Tin Box  you are looking  for,such as thetin box´ shape ,the size or creat new style Tin Packaging Box .

Second, choose the printing for Tin Box or not such as 4 color offset print or  pantone colors for your tins.

Third, confirm the time for your needs , when the tin boxes  should reach you  and when you should pack your products .

Forth , give you more professional advice for you !

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